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Greetz, I'm Platy. I'm the author of the Csick series. Below you will find links to my work, as well as opportunities to support me.
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Nate wakes up with no memories. As he partially regains them he realizes that something is wrong. He’s living in a fantasy world, as the character in a story. He continues struggling with the mysterious writer while winning the contest of his dreams. A chance to go aboard the Csick cruise liner and battle against the best writers that can be found in this strange fantasy world.His roommates include Stan Realman, five raccoons in a trenchcoat masquerading as a human. He is joined by Luke, the gentle giant who writes romance, Alvin the fortune teller, and many more.Between mermaids and fire-spewing flowers, Nate makes new friends and rivals as he faces intense writing contests and fierce competitions. There’s also a theme song, the occasional over-the-top martial arts move, brainstorms that physically manifest, and a hint of romance.

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